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Review: 2012 Bartholomew Winery Rosé

By Duane Pemberton
Winery website: http://bartholomewwinery.com/

Bartholomew Winery, in the SODO district of Seattle Washington, is located inside one of the more iconic buildings of the area – the old Rainier Brewery building – right next to Interstate 5. Its owner, Bart Fawbush, has been passionately churning out good wines now for a few years and this 2012 Rosé seems to be a hit with his customers.

2012 Bartholomew Rosé

Technical Data:

  • Blend: 50% Syrah and 50% Sangiovese
  • pH 3.44
  • TA .57
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Price: $14

On the nose: Ripe strawberries, bubble gum, red vines licorice, and a hint of cherry-flavored jolly rancher.

On the palate: Definitely a sweeter rose that I know will be a summertime, out-on-the-patio delight. While it’s not my personal style of a “Provence-inspired Rose”, I can definitely see a market for it and I know it’ll please many palates out there – especially during the hotter days. Slightly chilled and it’s rather refreshing – pairs well with spicy foods.

W.E.P. Rating: 90%

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Review: Hard Row to How – Round-up

When Don and Judy Phelps started this winery a few years ago they drew inspiration from the old brothel that once “served” the local mining community of the greater Lake Chelan area. For those not familiar with the landscape of this beautiful region in Washington State, it is indeed a bit different than Columbia Valley. Lake Chelen itself is one of the deepest lakes in the world and is has plenty of high hills in its general area – cooler climate grapes do very well in this region and Judy has the winemaking prowess to know what works there and what doesn’t.


2008 Pinot Noir Rose’ – W.E.P. Rating: 90%

Technical Data:

Cases Produced
Columbia Valley – Lake Chelan
Harvest Date
October 25 , 2008
Brix at Harvest
Barrel Regime
Final Analysis
Alcohol 13.8% • TA 0.7 g/100ml
pH 3.4 • R.S 1.1 %
Release Date
June 2009
Retail Price
Wine maker
Judy Phelps
Rated “Excellent” by Wine Press NW
Silver Medal – Washington Wine Competition
  • Cases Produced: 100
  • Appellation: Columbia Valley – Lake Chelan
  • Vineyard: Cortelli
  • Harvest Date: October 25 , 2008
  • Brix at Harvest: 24˚
  • Blend: n/a
  • Barrel Regime: none
  • Alcohol 13.8% • TA 0.7 g/100ml
  • pH 3.4 • R.S 1.1 %
  • Release Date: June 2009
  • Retail Price: $15.00

Nose: Cherries, white pepper, strawberries, ripe kiwi and a touch of fabreeze

Taste: Refreshing fruit attack on the front palate with a solid transition into the mid-region that starts layering those good cherry and strawberry components. I get a nice white pepper action on the finish which I feel compliments the strawberry flavor rather nicely.

I went 90% on this wine because at the $15 mark there are whites from other regions like Spain and Argentina which offer a bit more complexity at the same price-point.

2008 Shameless Hussy Roussanne – W.E.P. Rating: 85%

Technical Data

  • Cases Produced75
  • AppellationColumbia Valley
  • VineyardWhite Heron- Mariposa
  • Harvest DateSeptember 25 , 2008
  • Brix at Harvest24˚
  • Blendn/a
  • Barrel Regimenone
  • Final Analysis Alcohol 13.8%
  • TA  0.8 g/100ml
  • pH 3.5  • R.S 0.7%
  • Release DateJune 2009
  • Price: $15

Nose: Apricots, sea water, coral, peach skin and pears.

Taste:A spritzy tongue-bath of apricots, peaches, pears and a hint of carmel. I get an rather interesting vanilla-like mid-palate transition that hits me pretty good. Decent finish on this wine – a bit too hot for me, however. Would be an easy pick for shellfish, sea-bass or just to enjoy on the patio with the sun out.

2006 Cabernet Franc – W.E.P. Rating: 90%

Technical Data:

  • Cases Produced: 180
  • Appellation: Wahluke Slope
  • Vineyard: Riverbend
  • Harvest Date: October 20, 2006
  • Brix at Harvest: 24.8˚
  • Blend: 100% Cabernet Franc
  • Barrel Regime: 50% American 50% French : 30% new
  • Alcohol 14.1%
  • TA 0.53 g/100ml
  • pH 3.8
  • Release Date: September 2008
  • Price: $25

Nose: Candied rose petals, cherries, vanilla, creme brulle.

Taste: Good balance of black licorice, roses, carmel and black cherries on the intitial taste. I like the mid palate transition which gives way to notes of leather, dark chocolate, tobacco and tar. A nice finish that lingers on for hours and makes you want more.

2006 Syrah – W.E.P. Rating: 75%

Technical Data:

  • Cases Produced: 400
  • Appellation: Wahluke Slope
  • Vineyard: Riverbend
  • Harvest Date: October 2, 2006
  • Brix at Harvest: 24.5˚
  • Blend: 100% Syrah
  • Barrel Regime: 25% new French, 25% new American; 50% Neutral
  • Final Analysis: Alcohol 13.5% • TA 0.55 g/100ml
  • pH 3.6
  • Release Date: January 2009
  • Retail Price: $28.00
Nose: Inky plums with cocoa, raisins, black cherries and a bit of the typical syrah gaminess. leather and some pomegranate.

Good plum action with anise, chocolate, nice acidity across the mid palate but gets a bit disjointed for me on the back-end. Not a bad effort, but it’s not my fav.

2006 Zinfandel – W.E.P. Rating: 90%

Technical Data:
  • Cases Produced: 237
  • Appellation: Wahluke Slope
  • Vineyard: Pheasant
  • Harvest Date: October 24, 2006
  • Brix at Harvest: 25.8˚
  • Blend: 75% Zinfandel; 25% Merlot
  • Barrel Regime: 60% Neutral, 40% new oak
  • Alcohol 15.5% •
  • TA 0.65 g/100ml
  • pH 3.9 •
  • RS= .6 g/100ml
  • Release Date: September 2008
  • Price: $35
Nose: Shoe polish, leather, black tar, blackberries, cherries and raspberries.
Taste: Black pepper covered charred bell peppers with raspberry jam, blackberries, tar bubble and a nice hint of jalepeno-raspberry and blueberry finish on the end. Superb mouthfeel, good balance of the fruit, acid and alcohol make this a very food-friendly wine that really does kick ass.
This is a great Zinfandel, no doubt, and would easily stand up to a lot I’ve had from California, however, at $35 dollars it starts to out-price itself a bit – in my opinion – because in that price-range it starts to go with the better Zins from the likes of Ridge etc and could get lost int he shuffle.
Winery website: www.hardrow.com

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Rose’ Round-up

We’re well into the throws of the 2008 summer and there are plenty of great reasons to keep reaching out for a glass of wine over beer; one of them is Rose’ (or Rosado). Depending on what part of the world these blush wines come from, they’ll be called either Rosado or Rose’ – both names imply the same thing – a blush-wine which screams summertime, picnics, patio parties and bbq.


Click image to enlarge

I got a hold of four bottles in this round-up, all of which are under the $15 mark (at the store) and should be somewhat accessable for most folks out there who are interested. This was a very fun review for me to do as it’s not too difficult to get talked into drinking crisp, dry wines on sunny days.

2007 Columbia Crest 2-Vine Vineyard 10 Rose': Price $8 W.E.P. Scale Rating: 90%

Columbia Crest looks to tap into the Dry Rose market by offering a very-well priced product that’s solid and is a very decent wine in its own right.

Technical notes:
– Grape Variety: Syrah
– Select Syrah fruit was de-stemmed and crushed into refrigerated tanks for a 24-hour cold soak to extract the desired color.
– The wine then underwent a long, cool fermentation.
– To enhance the fresh fruit aromatics, a small amount of stainless steel fermented Viognier was incorporated into the final blend.
– Total acidity: 0.74 g/100ml
– pH: 3.33
– Alcohol: 12.5%

Nose: Strawberries in dirt with a touch of cherry liquor and sweaty gym shirt. Star-burst candy.

Taste: Fresh strawberries with faint touch of lemondrop with obvious cherry components on the back end with hints of white-pepper. The finish seems to give up just before reaching the back of the palate – a bummer because the fruit-forwardness on this wine is pretty good.

2006 Mouton Cadet Rose’- Price: $10 W.E.P. Scale Rating: 90%

This wine comes from a huge, french wine producer and is made by the infamous Baron Philippe De Rothschild. It has extremely wide availability here in the USA and is priced in such a way that it sells very well.

Technical Notes:
– Grape Varieties:Merlot (65%), Cabernet Franc (20%) and Cab Sauv (15%)
– Vinification: The grapes are vatted and macerated on the skins for 12-24 hours. Alcohol fermentation at controlled temperatures is followed by partial malolactic fermentation.
– Appelation: Bordeaux, Bordeaux Superieur and premieres of Cotes De Bordeaux.

Nose: Some cherry kool-aid action on the nose – raspberries as well as hints of orange peel. A slight hint of medicine cabinet on the very back-end. A slight hint of medicine cabinet on the very back-end.

Taste: Nice, dry wine with floods of strawberries – some hints of cherry and grass-hay coming thru as well. Good, off-dry finish clealnly, however, not quite as long as i’d like for.

2007 Ventana Rosado: Price: $15 W.E.P. Scale Rating: 120%

Ventana Vineyards is located in the Monterey California area, has its own estate fruit and if this Rosado is any indication of its overall quality, then I’m very excited to keep a solid eye on these guys.

Technical Data:
– Appellation Arroyo Seco AVA, Monterey, California USA
– Grape Variety: 90% Grenache, 10% Syrah
– Vineyard: 100% Estate Ventana Vineyard
– Barrel Selection: Neutral French Oak
– Total Acidity .65 g/ 100ml
– pH 3.32
– Alcohol 13.6%

Nose: Dried cherries, plums and apricot. Some nice granny footlocker action as well on the nose. Hints of raw venison as well. Some gravel dust.

Taste: Explosive cherries on the pallet, hints of caramel, watermelon and peach skin. A huge finish that lingers cherries for days. This wine absolutely rips and – to me – defines what a good Rose should taste like. I’d hit this up faster than Mike Tyson would host an ear-biting contest.

Los Rocas 2006 Rosado – Price: $9 W.E.P. Scale Rating: 20%

Straight out of Spain comes this affordable Rosado wine which has a trendy-label and has great color to it.

Technical Notes:
– Varietal: 100% Garnacha (Grenache)
– Vinification: Fermented in tank, bleed.
– Elevage: Aged in stainless steel for 5 months before bottling.
– Price: $9-$13

Strawberries and watermelon with white pepper – cantelope rine.

Taste: White pepper-laced watermelon with a hint of salt… Add in a floral strawberry component on the end and you have this wine – a very bone-dry finish; however, its extremely disjointed and a bit too “hot”.

Overall Summary and my picks:

My picks – in order would be the Ventana, the Mouton Cadet and Columbia Crest would tie – at this time, I’m going to pass on the Los Rocas. It was amazing to me how vastly superior Ventana’s 2007 Dry Rosado was to the competition. It was the only wine in the round-up which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up to attention just from its aroma – it’s too bad they don’t make a woman’s perfume from it.

As with any review on wine, you still owe it to yourself to try all of these wines as your palate is sure to differ from what I may like or dislike – always embrace your own palate.

Foods to go with these wines:
Cold Fried Chicken
Potato Salad
Any picnic foods

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