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Collio Italy Spotlight: Russiz Superiore / Marco Felluga

Producer Roberto Felluga has a sense of passion and drive in the way he talks about his family’s long-standing (now in its fifth-generation) business.  His family’s winery produces two different brands under the same roof – Marco Felluga and Russiz Superiore and each one has its own distinct style.

Here’s a map so you can see where the two wineries are at geographically:

The wines that have the Russiz Superiore brand are all aged in oak – even the whites and all the grapes come from the immediate property.

On the other hand, Marco Felluga wines are vinified in stainless, the vineyards are in Farra d’isonzo, Cormons, San Lorenzo and San Floriano  – all still within Collio. It’s cellar is in Gradisca d’Isonzo.

Roberto and his staff sat us down at a super-long table and proceeded to pour us each one of their lovely wines – each one had its own distinctness to it and his red was one of the highlights of my trip. I realize, that Collio’s production consists of 80% white but one should not discount their ability to churn out very food-friendly red wine as well.  The thing that strikes me so profoundly about the wines here are their near-perfect “sense of place, this is where it’s made damn-it” – yes, terrior.

Soil, sandstone, rock, basalt, sea-floor – it’s all in there and Roberto does an awesome job of expressing all that in his wines. It’s hard to fully express through pictures alone, what it’s like to walk through a winery like this – one that’s been around so long and has a pedigree of producing such amazing wines – luckily, for us in the USA, they do have an importer so chances are your favorite wine shop may carry these wines already or should be able to order them in.

If you want an awesome expression of Collio and would like to “travel there” without leaving your home, then you should taste the Russiz Superiore or Marco Felluga wines soon.

On the web: http://www.russizsuperiore.it/

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