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Powers 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon 3-liter box

Before you send me an email, I know and I get it – I know you have an automatic bias against anything that’s wine which comes in a box. That’s okay – embrace it even. I, however, am trying to get rid of stereotypes for wine and in doing so am forced to “take one for the team” sometimes and try things which may be outside of the realm of what I’d consider to be “normal”.

When I first mentioned to some colleagues that I was getting a boxed wine in to review – they had the very typical auto-response of “no-way dude” and “wow, that’s messed up”. Too many companies have given boxed wine a very bad rep due to their use of garbage grapes and cheap winemaking practices which have kept it squarely in the el-cheap’o section at your local grocery store.

Based in Kennewick Washington, Powers Winery has been producing quality wines for well over 20 years now and has a wide array of products, including this somewhat newer release of a boxed Cabernet Sauvignon.

Using the pouch-method of wine storage has advantages.  The more-air-tight nature of the pouch means wine may last weeks, instead of days, unlike it’s bottle-and-cork brethren.

On the flip-side, I don’t think we’ll ever see premium wines put in them because they do not allow for a graceful aging process – they are, by their design, meant for a pop-and-pour situation and do lend themselves for being a good source for wine if you’re doing a large party.

The 2006 Powers Cab uses grapes sourced from 55% Goose Ridge Vineyards, 20% Coyote Vineyard, 10% Milbrant Vineyards, 5% Pleasant Vineyards – all of which are 100% cabernet grapes.

Color: The color is on-point for a cab with its deep-rooted purple-red notes.

Smell: Smells exactly like “communion juice” from church but coupled with a hint of vanilla, 1-week old raspberries and some decent plum component.

Taste: No surprise here, it tastes exactly like it smells – a little fake in my opinion because of the overwhelming Welch’s action. Lots of fruit-forward but starts falling off rather quick as soon as it hits the mid palate. It does taste to me like it was aged in older oak as there’s no real big toastiness coming through for me.

As a side note, when I first opened it up, it really seemed to taste a bit like a plastic liner – it could be subconscious, however, that taste went away after several hours.

That said, it’s not an absolute horrible wine – I could easily see this being setup for a bunch of party guests who “think they’re wine-drinkers” but you really know they’re not – you know, the kind whom thinks Franzia and Gallo jugs are the bomb?

Summary: This wine is going to appeal to those whom want some cheap booze that’ll last them for weeks after opening so they can hit it daily to get their buzz on.

This could be a gateway product to help lure them over to the big-guns, but for me, I’d have to give it a pass. For $22 I’d rather spend a few bucks more and pick up the Powers Reserve Cab which I tasted last month – that is a really good bottle of wine.

This is my opinion but you should try it if you get the chance and ultimately embrace your own palate.

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