How we rate

First off, our reviews are almost always based on spending quality time with a bottle of wine – we’re not at all huge fans of the 2-minute taste then review scenario. There are many times when we go back in a few hours or even the next day and hit the wine again to see how it has changed. During this process, the initial taste is had and then we put the bottle on the counter with the cork on it – just like many of you do at home.

We feel this allows us to give a better impression of a wine’s complexity and character.

All wines (even white) are sampled at room temperature in order to get the full experience of the taste and to find any potential flaws in the wine.

Finally, ALL reviews are simply the OPINION of the reviewer – you should never listen to us without trying the wines yourself – remember to ALWAYS EMBRACE YOUR OWN PALATE as it’s the only one you have and it’ll never lie to you!

The W.E.P. Scale:
We feel that every bottle of wine should deliver a certain level of experience based on its price and that applies to the cheapest wines as well as the most expensive. Regardless of what the price is, it should be “Worth Every Penny” – period.

Our scale looks like this:


The 100% mark is the asking price of the wine from the winery (MSRP) – So if a wine scores an even 100% that means we feel it’s properly priced based on the experience and overall goodness it provides. Wines which score above 100% mean we’d easily have no problems paying more than the MSRP and wines which score below 100% means that (in our opinion) the winery is asking too much for it.

For example, if we review a $100 bottle and we rate it a “200%” – that means we’d be willing to pay up to $200 for it – it was that good.