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An open letter to the editor at Bloomberg

On March 31, Bloomberg posted up what I call a “hit-piece” on Washington wine entitled: “Washington Wines Pack High Alcohol Wallop, Little Else“. In this post, the author samples a few wines from our State and then goes on to slander the industry here from that limited sampling. Here’s my open letter to the editor there:

Hello Manuela,

I feel compelled to write to you regarding Mr. Mariani’s “hit-piece” on the Washington Wine industry. As a wine writer who lives here in the Northwest, I found this article shows a gross amount of ignorance on Mr. Mariani’s behalf when it comes to the wines of this region.  He samples a few bottles and basically throws the entire State of Washington “under the bus” – his headline is grossly misleading and frankly, damaging to the “brand” of Washington Wine.

For over half a decade, I have been reviewing wines from Washington and all over the globe and can tell you that they do compete well in the marketplace and in most cases, offer more compelling wines for the money than other regions can offer.  Washington State produces very balanced wines and has many winemakers who are extremely passionate about the wines they produce.

In the future, I’d encourage your publication to have someone who’s more well versed on Washington wine to cover the region – someone who has a broader understanding of what’s going on here. This will not only make for a more well-balanced article but also help your publication come across as a more reputable source on Washington wine.

For now, please consider pulling down the article, issuing an apology to the industry up here and tell Mr. Mariani to do more “homework” on the wines from Washington before you repost it.

Best Regards,

Duane Pemberton

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