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Don’t buy South African wines: striking workers’ plea to foreign consumers

The Guardian UK is reporting that striking workers in South Africa are pleading with foreign customers to not buy wines from that country until they can earn higher wages. Here’s a clip:

Outside the tiny public library, a dozen striking grape pickers wait for a meeting called by their employer. “He wants to force us back to work,” says one woman. “We are hungry but we will wait for a better wage,” says another employee of Keurboschkloof farm.

After trouble in South African labour relations last year led to a two-month violent standoff in the mining sector, the country’s economy is now under pressure from a stop-start farm labourers’ strike in the £850m-a-year fruit and wine sector. Since November, low-skilled workers demanding a pay increase to 150 rand a day (£10.65) have clashed with police and been arrested in their hundreds. Amid allegations of excessive police force, three have died.

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