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Win a pair of tickets to the Taste Of Tulalip!

We have partnered with the Tulalip Resort Casino to give away a pair of tickets ($190 value!) to the Grand Tasting Event for the Taste of Tulalip! This is – hands-down – the best wine even in the Northwest and we’re confident you’ll agree!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below, explaining why you should win! What we’re looking for are posts that are the most creative in expressing your love for wine and food! Winners will be picked by the staff and the tickets will be mailed to your address of choice. This contest ends Monday, November 7th at 12:00 A.M. so make sure your post is before that date!

To see our wrap-up of last year’s event, click here:

Check out the official Taste of Tulalip website:


Only entries of those residing within the USA are eligible to win
Winning submission picked by the staff is final
Winner is responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the event
There is no cash-out option for the winning prize
Winner will be required to submit a mailing address in order to receive the tickets
  • Dawn Brumfield

    Love the Tulalip…So would love to win tickets to the Taste of Tulalip (:

  • Bubblekity

    Love Washington Wines!!! Would love tickets :)

  • Dusty

    This would be wonderful. My passion is wine and my wife’s passion is food! But alas, we would not be able to take the tickets, as the trip itself would be too expensive for us this time of year. I hope that 

  • Bandlit

    My husband and I would love to have an afternoon out with friends at this event. We work with people who are disabled and under privileged and this would be a nice break. We went to the taste 2 years ago and it was Fabulous! We would love to win these tickets.

  • Lindsey Malland

    I am a chef, and I never have weekends off to enjoy these types of events; I’m usually working on another event!  So this would be an amazing way to enjoy my weekend, and introduce my sister to the food and wine that I have come to love so much; so she can better understand why I do what I do.  Thank you for your consideration!

  • Dave Sienko

    Good Food, good Wine, getting too crowded

  • Dianamslater

    Food and wine pair like shoes and socks. Sure they can work on their own but marrying them brings comfort and delight to the wearer. Similarly I experience a cascade of nirvanic delight when that perfect slug of wine melds with a morsel of well executed food bite. A lot of trial and error is called for to work out these fine combinations and this Tulalip event will send me to the moon! Please include me, I have so much to learn!

  • Chelseah33

    My husband and I have “discovered” wine I guess you could say this year. Always being beer drinkers we were gifted a bunch of amazing wines a while back and ever since then we’ve been constantly researching and trying to find which tastes we like. Anyways our 5 year anniversary is coming up and we would both just LOVE to attend a wine tasting especially one with such variety. Not to mention the amazing break we would get from our toddler if you were to choose us 😉

  • Desa’Rae Gardner

     There is nothing better then having a dreamy night with good food and
    wine. People just enjoying the moment, with other people. People
    don’t get to relax nowadays and just simply have fun. Wine for me
    creates a mood, it’s apart of fantasies that I have or if I day dream
    about certain things I always picture it with me sitting back with a
    glass of wine in my hand. I have never been able to go to an event or
    have the means to like the taste of tulalip I think it would be amazing
    to dress up and have a day where there are no worries just you, the
    crowd your date and fun.. But I truly want to win these tickets for a
    couple I know who deserves it more than me just selfishly wanting a
    night out at some point in time that will come for me.. I really want to
    give this couple a chance to be together and enjoy each others company
    and I cant think of a more perfect way or place to do so.I think the food and environment will help create a stimulating, social, romance for them and help create a new spark open some senses as well..

  • Becky Hunter

    I would so love to win this for my husband! We go to all the local “Taste of” festivals but have never been to this one. He spoils me by being my personal chef – would love for him to see and taste all the food and wine here

  • Kimberly Worrell

    I’m from the south and they don’t have good wines there! Would love to spend an evening with my soul mate great wine and wonderful yummy food! Plus it would b a great way to celebrate my one year anniversary!

  • Jerome Iverson

      because i cant afford  to go thats why i should win

  • Dorothy Le

    I love trying new wines.  And nothing enhances wine better than great food.  The Taste of Tulalip should be a great event. 

  • Ana Sanchez Guzman

    I would love to win these ticket so that I could finally get a good night out nothing better then great food and wine. We can’t really afford to go otherwise since we have a 2 year old and 1 year old and those diapers are expensive. Our 5 year anniversary just passed in oct and we weren’t able to do anything as we were both working so this would just be great

  • Rudes44

    My husband went to culinary school, and is an amazing chef, but no longer works in the industry, so he can spend more time with our kids.  It would be great to be able to treat him to a day of good food and fine wine!

  • AndreaJonesmt

    My husband and I spent our 12th wedding anniversary with me in the ICU recovering from brain surgery. He spent 3 months not only tending to my needs but also the needs of our three boys. We have never had the means to share a fine dining experience and this would be a perfect way to say thank you to the most amazing man I know and enjoy some exciting food and wine pairings!

  • Lummikautsa

    My sister and I are looking for some new wines for our evening chats. This would be the the perfect place to try some amazing wines and find a few new favorites to enjoy..

  • Deb Bee

    I love wine because it tastes good and great conversations come from people drinking wine :) I love food with wine because I’m a foodie, i love great food and wine always enhances and changes the taste of certain foods. I love to try new wines to experience the difference in aroma and taste and wonder about the process the particular wine came to be. Every wine has a story :) And what is more enjoyable then a delicious bite of food touching your palette and slowly tickling your throat. Heaven :) Bottem line. I like to eat & drink and wine is always my drink of preference.

  • WineTraveler

    I would love to attend and treat my wife to this exquisite experience. The wines are tops and the food is always mind blowing. I have been there representing wineries, but not as a visitor.

  • AB+DG

    Because wine=love. 

  • Miranda

    I should win because that weekend is my 27th birthday and what better way to celebrate a birthday then being at The Taste of Tulalip! Plus I love wine.

  • Janine Vaughn

    I would LOVE to win a pair of tickets to this event….my love for food and wine has grown since I have ‘grown up…’ like a fine red wine, I get better with age!! 😉 Hubby and I both work and are raising 3 kids all under the age of 8, so our nights out usually end up as “nights in” with a homemade meal— we love salmon! Our most recent meal at home was fried salmon and seaweed, mashed potatoes and salad…paired with a northwest red….please pick us, we will truly appreciated this experience!! 

  • Javajoygirl

    I love wine!! Would love to have tickets to bring my besties:) it’s a perfect
    Girls night out.

  • ginniecreamer

    Ahh….the succulent tastes would be a journey of the heart and soul!! I would take someone  very special who has suffered much sadness to uplift them.. Let wonderful tastes enter their body and let some joy begin.

  • Tamie T.

    What a perfect date night it would be. The best wines, the best food and the perfect date. 

  • Diana Jinkens

    “A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine ….” ~ Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
    <3 LOVE <3 wine, LOVE gourmet food and <3<3 LOVE <3<3 Tulalip. Would be the best of all worlds to win tickets to this lovely, lovely event at our favorite casino! Thanks for the consideration! :o)

  • Milli

    I live in BC and enjoy trying different wines.  Would like to experience some new Washington and area wines.  Love Tulalip.  Good reason to come back.

  • HiTripper

    Whining for wine cuz it’s divine and makes you feel so fine.  Make haste, no time to waste, get yourself over to the Taste.  Does nothing for your waist, but I tell you it’s no time to be chaste.

  • Cynthia

    I love wine pairing! trying different wines with different foods and discovering how the 2 blend together to make a totally unique experiance. Tulalip casino has some of the best food around and I can only imagine what the Taste of Tulalip would offer. I would be especially greatful for this wonderful treat!

  • Squirleycat

    My husband and I work very hard, have 8 kids and would really enjoy this very much.

  • Stacy Atkinson

    I really want to go and would love to taste and learn more about the food and drink. I have never been to anything like this before and it is a over my budget right now.

  • Brooke Contreras

    I should win because i absolutely LOVE wine And Food! Im no expert or anything, just drink and eat what tastes good! This is an experience I would LOVE TO WIN! THANKS!

  • Theresa

    I would love to learn more about wine and hear that you have some of the best staff, skilled and knowledgeable, about so many wines and foods, that I have no clue about. I would also like to learn more about the Tulalip tribe and to support them in our communities. 

  • Ava Hernandez

    I should win because I have been preggo for almost two years (My son is one ) and I just gave birth in september and have not had a drink yet :).

  • Emjohns2233

    Pick me!!! I love Tulalip and I love wine !!! It is the perfect pair!!!

  • Zoiguy

    Tickets weren’t in the budget this year, but loved it last year.  Would love to win a pair!

  • Forfran

    The Taste of Tulalip awaits!  The wine, the food, a beautiful place!  It would be an awesome  opportunity to celebrate with someone I love and appreciate!

  • Fadl

    I love wine and food,  I want to help my wife of 27 years have an appreciation of fine wine and I can’t think of a better place to do it at other than The Taste of Tulalip event.  I would be most apprecitive to receive the tickets besides all the points I would score with my wife!

  • Brooke Allison Contreras

    I would absolutely LOVE to win such an AWESOME prize! I am someone who loves great food and wines. I appreciate the tastes, smells and flavors of what I eat and drink. I don’t just eat to eat or drink to drink, but rather I enjoy and savor y food and drink. I’m no wine Connoisseur or food expert I just LOVE what tastes Good! This would be the best early birthday present ever! Pleasepick me! You couldn’t find a person that would be more appreciative and greatful! :)

  • Rebecca

    I have a great boyfriend who loves to cook and does it very well.  I would like to see if a professional chef could beat him. I also collect wine and love trying new ones.  Plus I live only a mile away from the Casino. lol

  • Bctn1976

    I would love to win these tickets for my sister and her husband as they can not afford to go but are big time wine lovers! We are such wine enthusiasts that we have a monthly dinner club and we try our best to do food and wine pairings on a budget. They deserve these tickets because they are both active in the community by donating tme and effort in many different causes and know they would appreciate the opprtunity. They have never been and would love for them to join us in this amazing event. We would forever be grateful and of course would speak fondly of Winefoot and Tulalip casino for years to come!

  • Scf57

    Wine & Food is to David & Scott as Taste of Tulalip is to “Foodie Heaven”

  • Winona Edenso-Ormbrek

    Haven’t been able to experience this yet, but haven’t heard anything but great reviews over the last 4 years~ I’d be eternally grateful to win these tickets and explore my inner foodie wine connoisseur. What a perfect gift of a weekend getaway for a single, always working Mom of 3 <3

  • Cheryl Hofer

    Great wines, incredible food and Tulalip Casino!!!!! What is there to not love about this fab trio of treats. A ticket to the Taste would be amazing because I’m a true foodie. Actually, I’m a specialty food broker that travels far and near to taste and drink what the Taste offers right in my backyard! Woohoo! Let me be a winner.

  • Hawkguy41

    This is my birthday and would be great..

  • Duane Pemberton

    Congrats to Desa’Rae Gardner!!