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Le Cadeau – a diamond mine of good Pinot in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

By Duane Pemberton
Winery website:

While there are clearly lots of good Pinot Noir producers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, there are a few that seem to do a really good job of ever-so-slightly edging out the competition; one of those is Le Cadeau Vineyard and winery.  It’s a boutique winery in every sense of the word, from its relatively small vineyards of 16 acres to its overall production of around 1000 cases. With its first vintage in 2002, owners Tom and Deb Mortimer have done a great job of building a team who are as passionate as they are when it comes to making the finest wines possible from Oregon.

Tom was working in the paper and packaging industry by day and after some time, acquired a recycling company which had its headquarters in Dundee Oregon – it was during these trips out to the Willamette Valley that he fell in love with the area, the wine and the people who reside there.

One of the areas where Le Cadeau is a bit different is that they have a different winemaker for each bottle of wine which means that each variant of Pinot tastes as different from the others as one might imagine. This helps add more character to their wines as each winemaker does in fact have their own variant of “winemaker terroir” while still preserving the actual terroir of each vineyard designate.

Here’s a quick video of Tom and Brian out in the vineyards, talking about the grapes, soil and other facets of the winery.

One of the best features of this vineyard site was also a huge headache early-on when it came time to digging post holes and that is the massively rocky-soil. This is a huge blessing in that it helps produce grapes of outstanding richness of flavor and character, in fact, once you tastes wines from Le Cadeau, you’ll know why these rocks, rock.

If you’re a wine-lover, you should really make it a point to seek out the wines they produce as I’m confident you’ll find them to be of exceptional quality, food-friendly, terroir-driven with a beautiful balance. If you’ve been reading WineFoot for awhile then you’ll know what we have a huge fondness for wineries that “get it right” and from our experience with the wines and people of Le Cadeau, we cannot make a bigger recommendation for an Oregon winery that definitely “gets it right”.


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