2011 Pedroncelli Dry Rosé – Review

By Duane Pemberton
Winery website: http://www.pedroncelli.com/

Most wine drinkers love a refreshing rosé during the summer and many also like Zinfandel with the many grilled foods they make. This dry rosé of Zinfandel helps cover both of those bases. It’s priced very well and has some good quality to boot.

Technical Data: 

  • Appellation: Dry Creek Valley
  • Cooperage: None
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • pH 3.70
  • Total Acidity: .610g/100ml
  • Price: $11

Nose: Oscar Meyer hot dog with strawberry action right off the bat here – I also get white pepper laced cherry-seven up and the inside of a shoe.

Taste: A very cool combination of hot-dog, old shoe, watermelon and strawberry here – has a nice, dry mid palate that kicks in some more of that “funk” that I adore and yet remains very refreshing. A dry, lingering finish that retains overtones of berries keeps inviting you back for more.

W.E.P. Rating: 100%