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Recipe: Breakfast Salad

Breakfast salad – easy and healthy!

By: Duane Pemberton

Organic Arugula, applewood bacon, roasted beets topped with a fried (or poached) egg. Salt/pepper.

*Prepare ahead of time*

  • Place beats in tightly-wrapped aluminum folk with a sprinkle of olive oil. Roast in the oven for 45-minutes at 450-degrees. Allow to cool then chop up into bite-sized pieces.
  • Either fry bacon or bake it in the oven on a sheet pan at 400-degrees until desired crispiness.
  • Fry egg “over-easy” – you want to let the yolk act as the “salad dressing”. You can also poach the egg if you so desire. Salt/pepper to taste.
  • Wash arugula and dry
  • Plate
  • Eat
  • Pairs well with bubbles – Prosecco, Champagne or Cava!