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2003 Château Simard Bordeaux – Review

By Duane Pemberton
Price: $22

Not too many people get the chance to try slightly older vintages of Bordeaux and that’s unfortunate as the wines from that region of France tend to age very gracefully and pair extremely well with food. No, they don’t tend to be fruit-bombs and yes you may have to adjust your palate to enjoy some of them but they are – for the most part – worth the fuss.

This 2003 vintage is currently available in the sales channel and gives us a good idea of how well that vintage is aging.


Nose: Earth, bramble, cherries, christmas spice, leather, tobacco leaf and cocoa.

Taste: Good amount of that nice forest-floor-like action coming through and it’s giving black cherries a piggy-back ride. It’s followed by its cousin black peppercorn and younger brother, leather. Good acid and fruit combination on the mid palate that leads into a gentle, lingering finish.

W.E.P. Rating:  100%