2007 St. Francis Old-Vine Zinfandel – Review

By Duane Pemberton
Winery website:  www.stfranciswinery.com

St. Francis has been at it for over 35  years, producing wines from some of Sonoma County’s better appellations. It has clearly evolved into being considered by wine snobs as a “grocery store wine”, however, the past several years it has started to turn that image around by making quality wines at affordable prices.

Zinfandel from California is like no other – and when it’s done well, it’s one of my favorite varietals so I was happy to check this wine out from such an “old-school” producer.

Technical Data:

  • Harvest: October 2007
  • Aging: 14 Months
  • Cooperage: American Oak
  • Bottling: February 2009
  • Alcohol: 15.7%
  • Aging Potential: 5-8 years
  • Price: $20

Nose: Spiced raspberries, leather, saddle soap, cherry cola and cocoa.

Taste: Nice balance of raspberry, cherry, allspice, leather, bubble gum, vanilla and cola. Lucious fruit up front, good mid palate “smoothness” and a finish that lingers well.

W.E.P. Rating: 90%