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RN74 – a downtown Seattle lunch utopia

Chef Michael Mina is no stranger when it comes to building successful restaurants with amazing menu choices. One of his slightly more recent Seattle ventures is RN74, downtown Seattle near Westlake Park.

The theme for this restaurant is clearly inspired by the Railroad – from the working depot sign that highlights different wines to the lighting. The ambiance is an upscale yet unstuffy, fun atmosphere.

Its staff produces french-style cooking using modern interpretation of many classic dishes and adds Michael’s own sense of personality in each. RN74 does its very best to source locally grown.

Not too long ago, RN75 released a new Lunch Menu that – to my surprise – I think a lot of Seattlelites aren’t even aware of. I had the chance to sample most of them and can tell you they are a great value in regards to the quality you get for the prices charged.

In addition to the foods highlighted here, RN74 also has an extensive wine menu and cellar to back it up.

These items are frankly, some of the best I’ve ever had for “lunch” – they push the envelope in so many ways and each has a great way of presenting you with fresh ideas that are both familiar and outside the box in so many ways.

Homemade pretzels with whole-grain honey mustard

Chicken Liver Toast with grapes – Okay – I know to some, this sounds gross but I’m here to tell you that everyone at the table liked it, even those were swore they didn’t like the “richness” of liver.

Ahi tuna tartar with quail-egg.

American Wagu skirt steak from Snake River Farms

BLT – nothing more to say except: “you had me at bacon”.

Mosby Brothers baby beet salad with greek yogurt

Asian-inspired mixed-green salad

After lunch, you may want to stick around for some of their insanely good desserts as well!


Crème brûlée – a yummy classic, served with an unusual presentation for this kind of dessert.

Homemade cookies from scratch! These are to die for!


This was the first time I had heard of RN74 and I’m glad I did! It should be highly considered as a great lunch-time stop for anyone in the greater Seattle area. I’m confident you’ll be rewarded with an exceptional experience in regards to the food and service.


Joshua Green Building
1433 Fourth Avenue at Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tel: 206.456.7474