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Carla Hall Cookies – A great pairing for wine of all kinds

By Duane Pemberton
Alchemy website:

Before she become nationally known as one of the season five finalists on the Bravo show “Top Chef” – Carla Hall was busy with her own catering company. Even though she is now a host of “The Chew’ on ABC and the author of a pending cookbook, she never lost sight of doing her own products – hence these gourmet cookies. under the original brand of her catering company, Alchemy.

But these are not at all your “Grandma’s cookies” – no, these are sweet/savory bites that reflect the love, passion and know-how Carla brings to them.  In fact, they don’t even appear like “cookies” per se, they literally are bite-size cookies that are each packed in their own little wrapping.

Savory Collection

  • Cheddar Pecan
  • Goat Cheese with Dried Cranberries
  • Parmesan Shortbread
  • Savory Large Tin
  • Smoky Blue Cheese Walnut
  • Spiced Nuts
While all the savory cookies rocked, a few stand-outs to me were the Smoky Blue Cheese Walnut, the spiced nuts and Goat Cheese with Dried Cranberries.
I found these to be incredibly friendly with dry red wine – cab, merlot, pinot noir or even a syrah with the spiced nuts were stellar.

Sweet Collection

  • Almond Ginger Cherry Shortbread
  • Black Forest Crinkle
  • Hawaiian Wedding
  • Mexican Chocolate Chip
  • Oatmeal with White Chocolate & Dried Cranberries
  • Pecan Shortbread with Vanilla Salt
  • Sweet Large Tin

On the sweeter side of things, a few of my favs were the Black Forest Crinkles, Pecan Shortbread and Vanilla salt as well as the Mexican Chocolate Chip. Even with the “sweet” label, these are not cookies that are over-the-top sweet and some, like the chocolate chip, can work with dry reds. However, for the most part, you’ll most likely be reaching for the sweeter port or white dessert wines.

If you’re at all considering throwing a party or get-together, or simply want a sample of Carla’s love she puts into her foods, then I’d suggest giving these cookies a try.