2010 Andeluna Torrontes – Review

By Duane Pemberton
Winery website: http://www.andeluna.com

I absolutely love Torrontes; it’s a white grape varietal grown in Argentina that offers tons of complexity and is priced to sell. There are only a handful of white grapes in the sub-$20 bottle price that I get this excited about.

There’s no question that Andeluna is one of my favorite wineries in Argentina – I’ve been following them for a few years now and for the most part have enjoyed the hell out of their wines.

Technical Data:

  • Alcohol 13.5 %
  • Residual sugar 1.80 g/l
  • Total acidity 6.00 g/l
  • PH 3.40
  • Price: $10

Nose: Jasmine tea, pear, apples, minerals, flint and baking spice.

Taste: Definitely get a huge jasmine tea explosion on the palate and then come the cascading flavors of pears, apples and some of that flintiness I got in the nose of the wine. Good acids on the mid palate and a dry finish add-up into making this a very food friendly wine as well as a good daily drinker.

W.E.P. Rating: 120%