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2005 Deerfield Ranch Shiraz Cuvee – Review

By Duane Pemberton
Winery website:

Deerfield Ranch winery, just north of Glen Ellen California, is in the heart of Sonoma County and is one that uses its self-built cave system to age the wine in. It has created a loyal following and good acclaim as well. They produce a variety of wines – white to red and even a Rose’.

  • Alcohol 15%;
  • Free Sulfites (SO2) at bottling 18 ppm;
  • SO2 at release, less than
  • 10 ppm. (Human threshold = 12 ppm)
  • Bottled 1400 cases
  • Cooperage: Three years of aging in 70% American 20% French and 15% Eastern European oak barrels
  • Price: $24

Nose: Sharp spiced blueberry component along with notes of chocolate, casis, tobacco and tar.

Taste: This is a very well-made Shiraz that exhibits flavors of blueberry compot, spice, tobacco and chocolate. It had a very nice mid palet, however, can come across as a tad-bit too oaked but that blows off with a nice decant. What you’re left with is a very bbq/grilled-food friendly wine that should be highly sought-out for Syrah/Shiraz lovers.

W.E.P. Rating: 100%