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2009 Molly Dooker Velvet Glove – Review

By Duane Pemberton
Winery website:

To me, wine is always about place, time and who you’re with. It’s as emotional as love can be – and like love, should get better with time. For Molly Dooker’s winemakers, Sparky and Sarah, love and passion are what drives them to produce the best possible bottle they know how to make and that is embodied into their Velvet Glove label.

Technical Data:

  • Residual sugar: 4.2g/L
  • pH: 3.51
  • Alc: 15.5%
  • Barrel fermented and matured in 97% new and 3% one year old American oak.
  • Price: $180

I’m sure that many of you heard about their forklift accident a few weeks ago where they ended up losing over 400 cases of the Velvet Glove bound for the USA. As unfortunate as that was, it did help raise a brand-awareness of the Velvet Glove project and hopefully should garner them more acclaim for their efforts of this wine.

This is the most expensive wine I’ve reviewed on WineFoot and I realize that some folks think I’m all about “the price” and they could not be more wrong. I, like all consumers I know of, am about value  and value comes at all sorts of pricing. It’s all about what that product does to our emotions – how it makes us feel – that matters.

From the velvet pouch it comes in to the velvet label, Sparky and Sarah intend this wine to be an experience, to make any occasion a memorable one.

Nose: Chocolate, mint, clove, bacon fat, violet, blackberry cola and potpourri.

Taste: Far and away the smoothest wine I’ve ever tasted from a mouthfeel perspective. Superb notes of black currant, blackberry,

blueberry and mint. Lucious mid palate gives way to beautiful flavors of floral-laced coffee beans with hints of violet and and a hint of lavendar. The fruit on this wine is insant, perhaps the best-quality Shiraz I’ve had and it’s held in check with very nice, soft tannins with a finish that hangs out for weeks and lingers like a lost puppy that keeps coming around for more food.

I’ve had people already ask me: “Was it the best wine you’ve ever had”? And my answer is no – why? Well, because there are far too many “best wines” I’ve ever had in that the people I was with at the time made it that way.

This is a damn good bottle of wine and one that should seriously be sought out by those who have the discretionary income to acquire it. No question to me that it’ll send your taste buds on a journey they won’t soon forget. It has everything most wine lovers appreciate, stellar fruit, superb mouthfeel and a finish to die for.

W.E.P. Rating: 90%