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Taste Washington – Portland

The Washington Wine Commission is the main voice that champions the cause of the industry at large within Washington State and in doing so is always seeking out potential markets. In years past, they had been doing TasteWA events in Spokane WA, however, that’s sort of a lame market – according to industry insiders.

Portland Oregon was home of this year’s first TasteWA event in that state and had a nice line-up of Washington wineries present who represented an overall good mix. It’s no big secret that Oregon and Washington wine industries have “played nice” with each other for quite some time now and there’s a good reason why. Washington rocks the Bordeaux and Rhone varietals while Oregon rocks the Burgundy (generally speaking) – so it really is a natural fit to have the two states working to best compliment each other’s efforts.

Rick Small – Winemaker of Woodward Canyon

Portland is a very cool city with a bustling food scene – a lot of farm-to-table kind of restaurants popping up who focus on locally-grown, fresh ingredients – it’s a rather progressive region. In that regard alone, it makes sense for Washington to tap that market as our wines tend to be good values and food-friendly.

According to Ryan Pennington, Public Relations Director of the Washington Wine Commission there was just under 600 people in attendance which is a great number considering this is the Commission’s first TasteWA event there.

The overall vibe of the event had a great feel and pace to it – everyone seemed to be in an upbeat mood, happy and the sunny weather certainly didn’t hurt things either.

A few of my favorite wines of the day were:

– Bookwalter Cab
– Maison Bleue Jaja
– Woodward Canyon Cab
– NxNW Cab
– Hedges Red Mountain Blend
– Forgeron Cellars Late Harvest Semillon

Annette Bergevin and Kristy Olson 0f Bergevin Lane Winery

Vin Diesel – a.k.a. John Bookwalter of Bookwalter Winery

Ryan McNeilly of Mark Ryan Winery