2008 La Follette Manchester Ridge Chardonnay – Review

La Follette is a premium producer in Healdsburg California and has developed a loyal fanbase of its wines. This is because it has a reputation of producing clean-tasting wines that are both true to the terrior and varietal composition.

They are a bit on the higher-end of pricing but overall are pretty commonly priced as far as premium California wines go.

Technical Data:

  • Appellation Mendocino Ridges
  • Clones Old Wente, Dijon 76 and 809
  • Fermentation Some skin contact and inoculation for the 809 clone, Wild fermentations for the Old Wente and 76
  • Aging Sur lies with early battonage;
  • Bottled unfiltered
  • Alc. 14.5%
  • pH 3.73
  • TA 0.60 g/100mL
  • Production 272 cases
  • Suggested retail $47.99

Nose: Cantelope, vanilla, toasted marshmellows, hazelnut, nutmet, banana, kiwi and baking spices.

Taste: Lemon-drop with vanilla, butter and cantelope. Nice acidity to balance out the butter-action – in fact, this wine does a great job of balancing the butter and acids. It’s a good gateway Chardonnay from California “butter-bombs” to one that is a more food-friendly. The acids realy pop bigtime on the finish and that’s a good thing for me. It leaves a very clean feeling and I appreciate that.

Overall, this is a very solid Chardonnay, however, it doesn’t offer anything special at this price point that I’ve experienced in Chardonnay’s from other regions and a bit lower priced.

If you’re after a well-made Chardonnay from California, it’d be tough to beat this one.

W.E.P. Rating: 85%

On the web: https://store.lafollettewines.com/SHOP.AMS?LEVEL=BOT&PART=GLCHMR08A