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Bringing W.E.P. in Bordeaux

Like most consumers, I am all about products I pay for being worth every penny and for the longest time, in wine, that has been best demonstrated by Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Chile. Areas like Washington State in the USA are close, but not quite there yet.

Tonight, I had the luxury of participating in a Planet Bordeaux tasting where all the wines were between $13-$16 and I was really blown away for all the right reasons. Bordeaux is arguably the single-most important wine region in the world and for many good reasons. The issue, however, in this day and age is the economy which in part is also influenced by the Euro-to-dollar ration as well.

The five producers I sampled were:

  1. La Butte du Château La Gatte 2006
  2. Château de Lugagnac 2008
  3. Château de Terrefort-Quancard 2008
  4. Château de Parenchère Cuvée Raphaêl 2007
  5. Château Penin Tradition 2008

I am happy to report that ever single one of these had it going on for a variety of compelling reasons. First off, they are all relatively low alcohol (which I’m a fan of), sport good acidity and have the hallmarks for what make-up a food-friendly wine.

It’s rather ironic to be, because the youngest-drinking wine out of the pack was the 2006 La Butte du Chateau – this wine still has quite  few years before it shows its full potential.

My personal favs were:

Château de Parenchère Cuvée Raphaêl 2007, Château Penin Tradition 2008 and Château de Lugagnac 2008. Having said that, I’d easily take any of them “out on a date” to town. Good acids and fruit seemed to be a conmon theme throughout and that’s always a good thing in my book.