2008 Substance Cab – Review

Substance winery, located in Walla Walla, is a relatively new brand to the Washington wine scene and has been doing a pretty decent job of getting itself marketed in a viral sort of way. Through both social media, blogs and event pourings, this brand has created a nice little identity for itself.

Many of us who have tasted plenty of cabs from California and Washington have come to grips with the fact that – generally speaking – Washington State tends to offer a better value of Cab than California. Having said that, I was excited to get the chance to review this price-point cab.

Technical Data:

  • Vineyard sources: Pepper Bridge, Forgotten Hills, Nostra Terra, Phinny Hill, Sagemore, Dwelley, Seven Hills, Portteus, Gramercy Estate
  • Cooperage: French – 30% new, two year old & neutral
  • Price: $20

Nose: Rainier cherries, black currant, charred bell pepper, pomagranite, red twizzlers, fresh mint-sauce and a hint of cherry-flavored Vicks 44D.

Taste: This is still a VERY young cab that’s much better after an hour or so in the bottle or a decant. There’s nothing here but STELLAR fruit up in my grill and coats the palate like a pair of suede pants. Awesome mouthfeel, good tannin structure and enough of a lengthly finish to keep me longing for more. I get a very nice pencil lead/cherry-cola finish on the end. This is a cab that EASILY out-classes just about any other cab I can think of in its price-range.

W.E.P. Rating: 120%

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On the web: http://winesofsubstance.com/