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Viva Collio Italy

On December 8th, I embarked on a new wine journey – one to a part of the world I had never been to  – a country which is so revered amongst gastronomes that for many, it’s a food and wine mecca.

The Collio region in Italy is not that well-known amongst many American wine drinkers – it’s certainly new to me as well so I’m having a blast soaking it all in. This little region in the most northeastern part of the country has a unique positioning of being between a warm sea and very cool Alp mountains. The overall benefit is that aromatic white wines and some red varieties do extremely well here.

The culture here, so far, is one that celebrates life in such a way that puts both the land and the people working the land as the focal points. They’re much more about their passion for good wine than simply terroir, even though that plays a huge part of it.

We’re talking about generations of families working together, producing world-class wines that can compete with some of the best whites I’ve had from the likes of Alsace, Germany, Washington State, New York and New Zealand.

My flight had me go from Seattle to Chicago, from Chicago to Munich Germany and then to Treiste Italy – the largest city in the Collio region.

The first day was a whirlwind of getting over a touch of jet-lag and meeting quite a number of great people who live, work and breathe collio wines.

  • Karen Nowak

    The photos from the airplane are breathtaking! Driving through the city looks like an array of apartments. Do most people live that way? The mountains provide a scenic backdrop for the city caressed in it’s beauty!

    While you’re passing through, does any of this remind you of Richland?

  • MelanieLeathers

    Thanks for posting the video. Hope you can post some more so we can feel like we're on vacation too!

  • Duane

    You know I will! :)

  • Alberto Vanin

    very original pictures!