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A bacon lovers Paradise in Birch Run MI

During my stay with my brother, who resides in the greater Detroit area, he took me to a family-style restaurant about an hour north of his home called Tony’s, in Birch Run Michigan.

This place has been featured on a few TV shows, the most notable one called Sandwich Paradise on TLC. It’s renown for its bacon, in fact the employee’s T-Shirts read “Got Bacon?” on the back of them.

It’s as if the restaurant prides itself in being over the top with not only the bacon portions but also the overall food portions. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was in a restaurant that had as many obese patrons – coincidence? Something tells me that these folks probably eat here way more often than they should – just sayin.

Of course I had to order their famous BLT with a huge emphasis on the B and a tiny amount of L and T thrown in for good measure (it has 1 pound of bacon on it). While the bacon itself was cooked to perfection as far as diner-type bacon goes, the overall sandwich itself wasn’t too tasty for being a BLT. The bacon was so massive that in order to taste any lettuce or tomato, you’d have to discard most of the bacon. For the first time in my life, I have had a food item that in fact does have entirely way too much bacon (I think I just heard that hell froze over).

When the waitress first put the sandwich in front of me, I asked her if she had a prayer mat I could use as I felt the urge to kneel to the east and pray. Pray that I’d survive this beast of bacon.

Tony’s – for me – would definitely be a novelty place but not a place that I would go to on even a semi-regular basis. The food is just way out of control and I couldn’t help but have the sense to shower after I left from feeling dirty.

  • dp

    Feeling dirty? Maybe greasy…

  • Melanieleathers

    That is just too much bacon. Did you eat it all? It doesn't look like high quality bacon but rather just lots and lots and lots of extra cheap, extra greasy, bacon. Funny pictures though.

  • Duane

    No.. I ate less than half… it was entirely WAY too much bacon… LOL!

  • Duane

    Greasy and dirty… :)

  • dp

    I had the Reuben Sandwich, btw, loved it. HUGE, but was very very good.

  • Crystal