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Katya’s: A glimmer of culinary hope in the Tri-Cities of WA.

By Duane Pemberton

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It has been said by more than handful of folks I know that the greater Tri-City area in Washington State is “nothing but chain restaurants”. While on the surface this would appear to be the case, I have made it my mission to seek out eating establishments that “do it right” – places that not only make foods from scratch but also have a sincere passion for what they do.

During my first week out here as a “cellar rat” for Pacific Rim winery, I was fortunate enough to have the company of Neil Cooper of Cooper winery and Cyndy Ott of Fidelitas show me a restaurant in Richland called Katya’s Bistro. It’s right off of George Washington Way which puts it in easy access from the main freeway of I-82.

The setting is rather quaint and non-pretentious – the staff does a great job of making you feel right at home which I always appreciate.

Fabricio portioning out a fresh fillet of salmon

While the food definitely has a strong Italian and Argentinian influence thanks to Chef Fabricio, the overall menu seems to have something for everyone and they do weekly specials as well. A few of my favorites are the seared scallops, pan-seared sea bass and the osso buco.

Sous Chef Matt in action!

Chef Fabricio and his sous-chef, Matt have a really tiny kitchen to do their magic in but that doesn’t seem to slow them down at all as they churn out dish after dish during a busy dinner service.

I have been here several times in the past few weeks and always enjoy their down-home service with a smile and food that I don’t have to second-guess.

If you want some real food, prepared by chefs with a passion and love for food that’s fairly priced, than I’d give Katya’s a whirl.

  • mike

    Hey Duane Pemberton, maybe you should try Taverna Tagaris, they've been doing “Farm to Fork” for almost 5 years now!

  • duanep

    Yeah.. ;folks do say they have good food but the wine sux.. :)

  • Donna

    I'd be curious to know if the folks at Katya's knew you worked at Pacific Rim? I have to say I haven't been there since the new chef took over because I gave up going there since the wait staff is so bad and the place is so physically cold. And I had never felt welcome ever. And I would say to Mike …Taverna isn't any better…talk about bad wait staff and how about keeping their open wine bottles for by the glass pours on the bar counter under hot lights so the wine by the class is the temperature of luke warm food. another place I tried a few times and gave up on!

  • duanep

    Of course they know – but I'm not sure why that would even matter? I've never been physically cold there or had bad service. In fact, their waitress, Darcey, rocks…