2007 Columbia Crest Reserve Cab

The 2005 Columbia Crest Cab won the number one spot in Wine Spectator’s top-100 wines of the world list a few months ago and it created quite a controversy. While many people I know think Columbia Crest produces a solid wine that are usually well-priced, most of them had a difficult time understanding how it got to be number one out of all the wines in the world.

While I never got a chance to taste the 2006, I was delighted to have the chance at the 07 which Columbia Crest winemaker, Ray Einberger says is a lot like the 05.

Technical Data:

  • Vineyard Sources: “Columbia Valley” (I know, not too descriptive)
  • Harvest Date: September 25 2007
  • Blend: 96% Cab, 3.8% Merlot and 0.2% Cab Franc
  • Fermentation: 6-9 days on skins, CSM, Premier Cuvee, Pasteur Red, D254
  • Alcohol: 14.4%
  • Total Acidity: 0.59%
  • ph: 3.69
  • Price: $27

Nose: Charred cocoa beans, anise, black licorice, black pepper, cherries, rapsberries and a touch of plums.

Taste: Charcoal, smoke, leather, asphalt tar, cigar box and cocoa. Decent mid-palate transition that still has tight tannins which shows both the youth and the potential of this wine as they grip along the sides of my mouth. Finish lingers on okay but not enough to get me overly excited.

I’d love the chance to try this wine again in a few more years as I believe it does have some good aging potential but right now, there are just more interesting cabs out there in the same price-range or just a couple dollars more.

W.E.P. Rating: 85%

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On the web: www.columbiacrest.com