OS Winery 2005 Ulysses

OS Winery (formerly known as Owen Sullivan) is a Seattle-based winery in the Georgetown district founded by Rob Sullivan and Bill Owen (who is now just known as “Owen”). It is an artisan winery that prides itself on being able to source some of the best fruit in the state of Washington and produce wines that reflect those various grape sites the best they can.

Ulysses is their “Flagship wine” and also commands the largest pricetag. It’s a reflection of Bill’s talents, efforts and years of experience as a winemaker and assistant to the famed Chris Camadra of Andrew Will winery on Vashon Island.

Technical Data:

  • Vintage 2005 Ulysses
  • Composition 42 % Sheridan Merlot, 32 % Sheridan Cabernet Sauvignon, 26 % Sheridan Cabernet Franc
  • Average age of vines 8 years
  • Harvest Date October 10- 18, 2005
  • Average Sugar at Harvest 25.1 Brix
  • pH 3.87
  • Titratable Acidity (TA) 5.7 g/l
  • Alcohol 14.4%
  • Cooperage French oak, 1/3 new
  • Time in barrels 25 months
  • Bottling Date 1-5-08
  • Release Date 2-13-10
  • Total production 437 Cases
  • Quantity available: 437 Cases
  • As of 1-5-2008
  • Price: $35

Nose: Blackberry tart, white peppercorn, black cherries, tar bubble, shampoo’d carpets, blueberry and some hints of cedar smoke.

Taste: Bacon-laced black and blueberries lace gently on the front-end and are tag-teamed by layers of spice, black and white pepper, star anice, cassis and hints of clove. The mid-palate brings in a nice cola aspect that I’m really appreciating and the finish lingers on for weeks. This is a VERY well structured wine that is serious business – it’s eaisly one of the best wines I’ve had and one I’d highly encourage anyone to seek out. This is a wine that easily surpasses many I’ve had at double its price.

W.E.P. Rating: 175%

On the web: www.oswinery.com

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    From what I recall, that WEP might be too low…