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Cochon Seattle – what’s not to love about a pig event?

Traci and I were recently treated to an assault on the senses – what could be considered by some as the “Mecca” of all things pig-related. Cochon 555 is an event that goes around the country and pits 5 of the best Chefs in each city against each other (each chef prepares pork dishes) and invites 5 wineries as well. Attendees sample the foods prepared by each chef and then vote for their favorite – the winner is crowned the “Prince of Princess of Porc”. It’s a way to honor the age-old tradition of sustainable farming practices with heritage pigs and draws special attention to both the butcher and chef.

Cochon 555 is the brainchild of Brady Lowe, a self-described foodie who loves, wine, cheese and sustainable, local food. Overall, I’d say there were 200-300 people at this show – the turnout of support was really good – it’s nice to see folks take an interest in the foods they eat and where that food is sourced from.

One of the more interesting events of the evening was the live butchering demo – they ended up giving away each cut during a drawing. Traci ended up winning the feet and was very excited about it.

Here he takes the scalp from the head and fills it with various cuts of meat from the rest of the pig and then sews it back together. The idea is to slow roast it in the oven – or I’d also consider smoking it as well.

One of the best Ice-Cream sandwiches I’ve ever had – the shortbread was made with bacon.

These were the most amazing pork rinds I’ve ever had! They literally melted in the back of your mouth like cotton candy.

The “Pig Chicks” brought out various pieces of pork goodness during the roasted pig eating.

Enjoying some of the blood sausage.

The winner of the sewed-up pig head! :)

Even our wine glasses had little pigs in them.

Overall, this was a good event in what it set out to do – draw attention to the sustainable farming of heritage pigs and getting people back in touch with the sources their food comes from.

I will say, however, that I was totally bummed not to see a single winemaker at the event – on Cochon’s website it says: 5 chefs, 5 pigs, 5 winemakers. Really? Hmm, perhaps next time?