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A goldmine of food value inside Cali’s Capital city

The city of Sacramento has a few hidden gems in it and among them is the small collection of Paesano’s restaurants – they quite simply offer some of the best food values I’ve had anywhere.

For Executive Chef, Jason Sondgroth, the premise of producing good food is quite entrenched of who he is – both as a person and as a cook. Use the best quality ingredients you can source and do so with long-standing relationships that help you make sure you’re getting the best-possible prices. This practice has allowed him to produce excellent quality dishes at prices that keep it affordable – an equation that keeps his customers returning in droves.

Executive Chef: Jason Sondgroth

Paesano’s is owned by Sacramento locals Dave Virga and Mark Scribner who started it 15 years ago. Jason came on-board about 6 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

The open-kitchen of Paesano’s

Watermelon Pizza – watermelon, prosciutto, basil,shredded mozzarella, balsamic reduction, feta, olive oil and garlic.

Jason’s flair incorporates quite a bit of east-meets-west perspective and it’s seen in the foods he’s put on the menu, such as Saki-Jalapeno Clams and Watermelon Pizza. He’s also a fan of “universal approachability” in that he feels the menus should offer a little bit of everything for everyone – you don’t want to be a “one trick pony”.

He and his team seem to excel and thrive on creating dishes that are both brilliant and bold in flavors. Ones that entice the senses, make you want more and how you managed to eat at anywhere else in the area. He really does a great job of marrying various flavor profiles – even ones that to most folks appear somewhat “unconventional”.

Clams in a Saki-sauce with sliced ginger and jalepeno peppers.

If you’re ever in Sacramento, Elk Grove – make sure to stop into Paesano’s (Pronto is also in Sacramento, it’s sort of a casual hybrid between Paesano’s and Uncle Vito’s) or if in Davis, you can check out Uncle Vito’s: A slice of New York. Regardless, you’ll be in for a treat of some of the best foods at the best prices to be found in the greater Sacramento area.

A look inside Pronto

This is the best pepperoni pizza I’ve had – the crust is to die for – Found at Pronto

This Jerk-Chicken was also “off the chain” – a MUST TRY!

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