2008 Pedroncelli Russian River Pinot Noir

Pedroncelli is a winery based in Geyersville California and has been producing quality wines there since 1934. It has built a reputation of producing wines of exceptional quality that reflect the local terroir of each vineyard site it uses.

Pedroncelli makes a variety of red wines of Burgundy, Rhone and Bourdeaux varietals – as you may know the area they’re in does well with most red grape varietals.

Technical Data:

  • Appellation: Russian River Valley
  • Aging: 8 months, French Oak barrels
  • Alcohol: 14.2%
  • Acidity: .600g/100ml
  • pH: 3.62
  • Bottled: December 2009
  • Price: $18

Nose: Dried cranberries, cedar smoke, rhubarb, cabbage and white pepper.

Taste: I definitely get that cranberry action along with some nice rounds of shoe polish, cabbage-patch, twizzlers and some clove. Excellent tannin stucture and mouthfeel that hold strong through the mid palate transition. The finish has very good acids and tartness along with subtle hints of wet cedar. Very good Pinot that I’d easily hit again and again – a total no-brainer for $18 dollars.

W.E.P. Rating: 120%

On the web: http://www.pedroncelli.com