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Eisch “Breathable” wine glass – Review

Eisch is a german-based glassware maker that has been producing high-quality products since 1952 and has a world-wide reputation as a premiere brand. The premise of this glass it to help it air-out the wine while in the glass – it does so by using a super-polymer layer that creates tiny pockets of air that encompass the wine.

For this review, I picked out a 24% lead-crystal glass that I normally use that has a near identical shape to the Eisch. Of course this “Breathable” glass contains no lead at all, so I’m very interested in the results.

“Normal Glass”

Nose: pencil lead, wood shavings, sunflower seeds, plums, dark raspberries, cherries and pipe tobacco.

Taste: It’s like someone took a #2 pencil that had been dipped into a black fruid and red berry reduction sauce and drew a straight line down the middle of my tongue. It’s a very focused – almost tight – flavor profile.

“Breathable Glass”

Nose: Same notes as above but a lot more “relaxed” and open in the glass – less tight, if that makes sense.

Taste; I’m still getting the lead, berries and black fruits, however, the flaVors seem to spred across the palate a lot more evenly. In addition, it does have a greater sense of being “more relaxed” as well – the tannins have started to soften quite a bit.

Overall Impressions:
In the end, this glass did work, overall, for what it was designed to to – help wines open up quicker and have a greater sense of flavor. However, it doesn’t seem to have as great an effect on all the wines I’ve had in it but I can say with certainty that it’s a worthwhile glass to check out.

Price: $30

W.E.P. Rating: 95%

Link to official site:

  • Bud H

    I recently purchased three different types of Eisch wine glasses. Two “superior” and one Ronn Weigand. I like them, and they do, indeed aerate a wine very quickly. But they also flatten out a a wine if it stays in the glass more than 30 minutes. All-in-all, I still love them and think they really make life easy by not needing to decant, or pour a glass an hour before I want to drink it. Just be aware of the consequences of leaving it too long…. I don’t think I’d use them for a $100+ bottle of wine for fear of oxidation, but for 99% of my drinking, they are great!