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A pair of Ruffino wines

Ruffino is a family-run, Italian winery that has been producing wines since 1877. It makes wines that cover the full gamut of pricing and quality. The baseline wine it makes are widely available and priced in such a way to help those on a budget get a quality wine.

2007 Orvieio Classico Price: $9 – W.E.P. Rating: 90%

Nose: Lemon peel, petrol, blue stone, grapefruit pulp and white pepper

Taste: Good clean start with nice acidity off the bat that’s married to really good fruit overtones of kiwi, lemon starburst candy, lime zest and a hint of blood orange. Solid finish that hangs out for a while – a very good food wine.

2007 Chianti Price: $9 – W.E.P. Rating: 90%

Nose: carmel, cherries, plum-sauce, black pepper and touch of charred bell pepper skin.

Taste: Blackberry and carmel with great acidity up front that’s shredding my tongue with goodness. The mid palate presents very firm tannin structure and again – that classic italian red wine acidity which goes so well with tomato-based pasta dishes. A decent finish – touch on the hot side – but still a solid effort for the money.