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Filipo Marc 2009 Luna Rossa

By Darin Pemberton

In today’s world of information gathering, passing, and storing frustration can surround secrets. The exact make-up of Filipo Marc’s 2009 Luna Rossa is a secret according to the proprietors. I was able to get ONE of the grapes – Sangiovese.

If the label is to be believed I am holding nobility in my hands, as it’s marketed as “King of the Reds”. Oh boy.

As you can see by my photo of the bottle, I was in a rush to crack this grape juice open – I took the photo AFTER I poured my first glass! d’oh! Sorry Duane!  The promise of the label had me very excited. After the pour, I took a couple whiffs…

Smells Like: Burning leaves, gym socks, old hotel, hospital room, white pepper, little bit of rubbing alcohol. The lower the level of the wine in the glass, the stronger the acidic, metallic, etc, smell became.

Taste: Fruit forward. Pepper taste comes through strongly. Sits on the tongue nicely but presents a slight bitter aftertaste. Slight burn sensation under the tongue when swallowing. Cutting to the point – this is a wine I would not purchase again at this price point. Not quite a fruit bomb, the promise of the first sip gave way to a very flat, desert of flavor across my tongue. This wine strikes me as a wine served after a dinner party, maybe the 3rd or 4th stringer against other wines. I’ve just had too many $6-7 wines (Some Malbecs reviewed on this site, etc) which I enjoyed a lot more. King of the Reds turned out to be not quite a prince – but hovering a couple spots above a jester. At $11.95 I feel this wine is several dollars too expensive, thus my rating of:

WEP: 65%

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