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Vin du Lac Whites – Review

Vin du Lac winery, based in Lake Chelan WA, started producing wines in that region back around 2002 and has developed quite a loyal following. Its winemaker, Larry Lehmbecker, started off has a hobbyist and eventually made the transition into fulltime winemaker.  He really grew his palate during his law school days in San Francisco through frequent trips up into Napa Valley.

2007 “LEHM” Dry Riesling – W.E.P. Rating: 100%

Technical Data:

  • Varietal:  100% Riesling
  • Harvest: October 27 -28, 2007
  • Crush Chemistry: Brix 21-22, pH 3.1-3.2, TA 9.0-9.2 g/L
  • Wine Chemistry: RS 0.2% fermentable, pH 2.9, TA 8.4 g/L, Alc 13.7%
  • Bottled: April 9, 2008/275 cases
  • Release:  June, 2008
  • Price: $20

Nose: Lemon-zest, green apple skins, limestone, clay and river stone – hints of grapefruit and kiwi as well.

Taste: Massive citrus assault on the palate with some sour-patch candy – take some fresh lemon juice and top it over some river rocks, add a hint of stump-moss and that’s what you have in this wine. It has an incredibly sour/dry finish that makes it a complete no-brainer for any kind of shellfish or even heavily sauced dishes where you want a dry wine to scrape your palate clean again. I’d pound this wine all day long with raw oysters, shrimp or clams.

2007 Vie!  Viognier – W.E.P. Rating:  100%

Technical Data:

  • Varietal: 97.5% Viognier / 1.5% Roussanne
  • Harvest Date: Sept. 22,28 / Oct 19, 2007
  • Crush Chemistry: Brix21.2 – 24.9, pH3.2 – 3.59, TA4.8 – 7.2 g/L
  • Wine Chemistry: RS 0% fermentable, pH3.40, TA6.2 g/L, Alc13.6%
  • Bottling Date: April 2007 (300 Cases)
  • Release Date: July 2007
  • Price: $18
Nose: Not quite as armomatic as a lot of viognier’s as I’ve smelled, however, there is some good hints of river-rock, dried pineapple, candied-apples, kiwi and lime.
Taste: This is one of the cleanest-finishing Viognier’s I’ve ever had – it’s got a nice dry “rieslingesque” finish to it that I’m really enjoying. I get hints of granny’s foot-locker, lemon peel, grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple, spice and green apple. A rather dry, clean finish without as much sugar lingering around on the palate as other viogniers. To me, this is a very verstile wine that’d go well with Shrimp gumbo or even oysters – it has a level of acidity that make it a no-brainer for a lot of different seafood dishes.

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