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2007 Protos Verdejo

Straight from the sort of speak of “what’d you call me”? Is the great spanish grape of Verdejo – I know there are a lot of folks – including myself – who aren’t too familliar with it so I’ll give you the cliff-notes version of what it’s all about.

This grape originally started out in North Africa and was brought to the Rueda region of  Spain in the 16th century – during that time, it was primarily used to make a sherry-style wine. Around 1980, white wines from this region were finally recognized by Denominacion de Origen which meant that white wines labeled  with “Rueda” must contain at least 50% Verdejo.

These wines tend to be very aromatic and are often compared to the likes of Sauvignon Blanc wines from warmer regions.

Protos winery started in 1927 and has become quite famous in Spain for producing quality wines at good values – something I know most of us can appreciate in today’s economy. To say that it’s been influencial in the Spanish wine industry would not even being to underscore how this winery has evolved over the decades.

As many of you know, I’m all about encouraging everyone I know to always try new wines from new regions – grow your palate and have fun with it. The Verdejo grape is one I’d highly recommend you try and seek out – it’s crisp, cool and very food-friendly.

Technical Data:

  • Degrees: 13 ºC
  • Total acidity: 5.8 g/ l in tartaric
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.24 g/l in acetic
  • pH: 3.20
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Price: $10

Nose: Nice riverstone, elderberry, pineapple and lime on the nose. I also pick up hints of some ivory soap and petrol on the back-end which I’m really digging on.

Taste: Nice flavors of gasoline-soaked pebbles, chalk dust and pineapple for days with some nice green apple component coming through. It has a very clean, very focused finish with stellar acidity that feels like a razor scraping my tongue clean. I realize that this wine won’t be for everyone – especially those who are into the *gasp* sweeter rieslings or *double gasp* buttery chardonnay’s; however, if you pair this with the right food or drink it on a nice, sunnny day, it’ll reward you with a great taste of Spain.

W.E.P. Rating: 100%

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