2006 Efeste Big Papa Cabernet Sauvignon – Review

Efeste’s winemaker, Brennon Leighton, is one spoild dude – he’s able to source from some of the best vineyards in Washington state and then act like a kid in a candy store with a “go-pass”. What a dream it is for winemakers to have access to the sort of fruits he does – old-vine, concentrated and full of tons of character.

If you ever meet Brennon then you’ll immediately know why he calls this wine “Big Papa” – it’s a huge cab that takes no prisoners and quite frankly has the backbone to stare-down any of the best of the likes of Napa-cabs.

Technical Data:

  • Barrel program: 20 months in 100% new french oak it
  • Fruit Sources: 100% cab from 45% kiona old block planted 1972, 40% sagemoor 208 planted in 1972,  and 15 %  Ceil du Cheval
  • Alcohol: 14.8%
  • Price: $45

Nose: Tons of cherry, rose petal, bright raspberry, hints of charred asparagus, cedar, cocoa. Some medicince cabinent action as well as hints of bits of leather round things out.

Taste: A massive fruit-attack on the front-end that assaults your palate with killer fruit. Excellent layering of raspberry, cherry with some nice hints of veggie action hit across the back-side of the mid palate. The purity of fruit comes shinging through like a rock-star and has a great supporting case of firm, yet balanced tannins. Massively focused fruits that linger for months on-end. This is easily the best cab I’ve had in the past few years and showcases how serious Washington cabs can be when done properly. This wine tastes really good now but should have room to improve over the next 3-12+ years.

W.E.P. Rating: 100%
Winery website: www.efeste.com

  • Ryan

    No Efeste carried in Ontario’s liquor stores!

  • http://winefoot.com Duane Pemberton

    hmm…. not sure they have disti up in Canada yet – I can check…

  • http://www.xanga.com/jacamp16 Jay Campbell

    I’m glad you enjoyed this effort. It wasn’t my favorite, but to each their own.

    One thing I wanted to comment on, and you may already know this, but the name Big Papa comes from one of the owners families. Just thought I should throw that out there.

  • http://www.winefoot.com dp

    Cool – thanks for the note Jay regarding the name…