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2005 Efeste Ceidleigh Syrah – Review

Efeste’s Brennon Leighton is a passionate, knowledgeable winemaker whose winemaking kung-fu can best be appreciated by the wines he crafts. He is a great example of what happenes when you combine top-shelf fruit with an incredible know-how in regards to not being too heavy-handed with the process.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the wines he makes as I think he’s offering some extreme goodness for the price-points Efeste is asking and that isn’t too common of a thing these days. All too many wineries get their heads in the clouds and try to overcharge for their wines. We try our best to help you avoid those wines.

The 22005 Ceidleight Syrah is a 100% Syrah, is priced just below the $30 mark and is poised be a kickin’ WA syrah for that price point – let’s see if they hit the mark once again:

Technical Data: 

  • 100% Red Mountain AVA Syrah 
  • 27% New French Oak
  • Vineyards:  54% Ceil du Cheval Vineyard, 40% Klipsun Vineyard, 6% End of the Road Ranch Vineyard
  • pH: 3.90
  • TA (total Acidity): 0.56 grams/100mL
  • Alc/Vol: 15.2%
  • 100% malolactic fermentation
  • Vintage: Aged 19 months in oak.
  • Price: $29


Nose: Wild game, blueberries, bright cherries, an old leather bible and some cedar-box. I’m also getting slight hints of spicey-oak on the back-end but I’m not too worried as there’s plenty of fruit here as well. 

Taste: Firm tannins give way to plent of fruits across the mid-palate – such as: Blueberry, blackberry pie, canned cherries. A super long finsish that tastes like a piece of peppery-bacon-wrapped venison sliding down your throat. The finish on this wine is stellar but a bit on the hot side going down; however, that heat does blow off quite a bit with some decatnering and should become even more subtle as the bottle continues to improve (if properly stored) over the next 3-8 years.

W.E.P. Rating: 90%

Winery website:

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