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Review: 2005 Boudreaux Cellars Syrah

Winemaker, Rob Newsom, has been getting a lot of press over the past few years and has really done a great job for himself in developing a “cult-like” following in regards to the brand he’s created – and lived.

Rob’s approach – like many of today’s better winemakers – is to leave the grapes alone as much as possible and let them present themselves as plainly as possible. His 2005 vintage uses fruit sourced from both Walla Walla and Horse Heaven Hills – two of the state’s top regions for growing quality fruit.

Review: 2005 Boudreaux Cellars Syrah

Technical Data:

  • Vineyards: Pepper Bridge and Wallula Vineyard
  • Fruit: 100% Syrah
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Production: 150 Cases
  • Price: $50

Nose: Black cherries, leather, candied plums, wet cedar and toasted figs wrapped in prischoto:

Taste: The cherry and candied plum comes across on the front-end of the palate and I get some vicks cough syrup action across the mid palate. There’s also a good amount of dark chocolate-covered blueberries as well. Good finish with some lingering forest twigs, charcoal and berries. This wine, currently, needs a lot of time to open up which means a lot of folks won’t really “get it” – it’s so structured that it needs time to lay down – if you don’t have the luxury of waiting a few more years, then I’d highly recommend a 3-4 hour decant.


W.E.P. Rating: 90%

Winery website:

  • Melinda

    Hey Duane, thanks for the tasting note on this. I just got a bottle. I had already planned on laying it down a while, and your thoughts reinforce that plan. I am a huge fan of Rob and his wines are truly a spluge. I did buck up and buy his ’05 Reserve Cab, which he is now sold out of.

    BTW, I dig the new site look. Keep up the good work!


  • dp

    Thanks Melinda – yeah, Rob’s a great guy… I have a review of his reserve cab coming up where I pit it against a cab from Cali… :)