Review: 2007 Boudreaux Cellars Chardonnay

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W.E.P. Rating: 90%

Just like Country music – Chardonnay has a bad rep and we can primarily thank the folks in California who have historicaly over-oaked it to death. Big players like Kendall-Jackson, Mondavi and other “grocery-store” labels have catered to an American palate which thinks it likes enough butter in its Chardonnay that it would even bring tears to Paula Deen.

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Winemaker and Washington State legend, Rob Newsom, cut his wine-making teeth, in part – by hanging out with the legendary Figgins family from the Leonetti fame. His approach to building the best wines he can, sourced from the top vineyards in the state and has really struck a chord with those who are looking for that hand-crafted experience.

Technical Data:

  • Alcohol: 13.3%
  • Vineyard Sources: 75% Celilo Vineyard and 25% Bishop
  • Cases made: 175
  • Price: $35
  • Fruit: 100% Chardonnay

Nose: Pineapple bar soap – the kind you sometimes get in a hotel – Mix in some fresh pea-gravel and that is what this nose does to me. I also get some wild flower blossom on the back-end.

Taste: Slight hints of oak are here in this unfiltered Chardonnay, however it does have a good supporting cast  from the fruit; which I am a huge fan of. Massive waves of pineapple, kiwi – huge tropical fruits here –  closely followed with a strange cocoanut flavor. It wrapes up with some nice carmel-candy action on the back-end of the palate. Good acidity and a clean finish makes this a very food-friendly chardonnay.

The purity of the fruit on this wine is what I want folks to try and understand. There simply are not many chardonnay producers producing wines in this pure fashion. I had some initial reservations about the oak, however, it does stay in-check rather handedly by the fruit.

If you are used to drinking over-oaked chardonnay and are looking for a great “gateway chardonnay” in order to wean you off of the oak chips then you really need to try this wine.

Food recommendations:
Shrimp scampi
Chicken ceasar salad
Pan-seared bass

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