2006 Andeluna Chardonnay

Winery Website: www.andeluna.com

Argentina continues to make waves in the wine world by releasing kick-ass Malbec wines that marry price and quality – the likes of which has some wineries struggling to keep up with.

You may be surprised to find out, however, that its white wine production is serious business as well and if my take on this Chardonnay is a sign of things to come fromt that region, then I’m very excited. 

Andeluna Cellars is located in the pristine grape-growing area of Mendoza and has been producing quality wines for quite awhile now. It has access to excellent fruit sources and – from my first-run experiences with it – seem to do a superb job of making wine.

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Technical Information

  • Varietal Composition: 100% Chardonnay
  • Harvest Date: 3/18/06
  • Alcohol: 13.8 %
  • Residual Sugar: 3.20 g/l
  • Total Acidity: 5.80 g/l
  • PH: 3.55
  • Cases Produced: 3,400
  • Price $12

Nose: Nice straw hay component mingled with hints of pears, apples  and some sandstone. Some nice floral action rounds things out.

Taste: Intense layers of lemonpeel, vanilla, straw and river-rock – even a strange layer of eucoliptus as well. Finishes very well – excellent acidity and fruit with a finish that lingers on and on. This is a Chardonnay that’s serious business and one I’d highly recommend the California butter-drinkers to get a hold of – a Chard like this could be your saving grace of helping you see the light.

W.E.P. Rating: 115%

  • Louisa

    Because I loved a bottle of Andeluna Winemakers selection Charononnay, I ordered a case of it from a wine salesman in New Milford CT. . From that case the corks have been rotten in 4 of the so far opened bottles of 12 bottles of wine. I have been able to open 4 and the rest have shredded corks.   When I CAN get a bottle open it is always delicious. But….  so far 4 have had to be discarded.