2007 Andeluna “Winemakers Selection” Torrontes

Winery Website: Andeluna Cellars
MSRP: $12.00 

It’s very exciting for me to watch other, newer, wine regions cropping up with such promise and one of the more recent ones has been that of the country of Argentina. Already known for its great Malbecs, this region is also producing some other interesting grape varieties such as Torrontes – a noble white grape that doesn’t get a whole lot of play here in North America.

Torrontes is distinctly an Argentinan grape which has some very interesting and food-friendly characteristics going for it which I hope will help it gain more popularity here in the states and throughout the rest of the world.

The Torrontes grape is usually round and medium-sized with a yellowish-green color which can appear to closer to that of a golden-delicious apple. It primarily grows in the following regions of Argentina:

La Rioja
San Juan
Rio Negro

Any of the fruit sourced from these particular provinces of Argentina are considered to be the best of its kind, anywhere in the world. 

Andeluna Cellars is considered by many to be one of Argentina’s top wine producers and has quite a long pedigree of churning out award-winning, palete-pleasing wines since 2003 – it’s grapes founders have been growing grapes in that region of the world for 120 years.

Technical Information
Varietal Composition: 100% Torrontés
Harvest Date: 4/10/07
Alcohol: 13.6%
Residual Sugar: 1.80 g/l
Total Acidity: 6.30 g/l
PH: 3.38
Cases Produced: 2,000

Nose: Jasmine-laced pineapple rings combined with some crisp, green apples, apricots and great components of chalk-dust, vanilla and white peaches.

Taste: Excellent balance of fruit and acidity here – the green apples are ripping my face of and the excellent acids make it a very food-friendly wine which pairs great with tomoto-based pasta dishes or even some clam linguini. Great mouth-feel that rides the palate very well with a finish that lingers quite well. The complexity of flavors of peach, jasmine, grapefruit and vanilla are VERY well balanced.

Overall Summary: This wine has excellent balance – there’s the killer acidity I love and adore while all the fresh fruit I want to make it extremely palatable. In the end, I’d easily tap this wine as a daily drinker or one that would pair well with a variety of chicken and seafood dishes.

W.E.P. Scale Rating: 150%

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    Very Very good value wine! Enjoying it now!