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2007 Pontin Del Roza Chenin Blanc

Winery Phone: 509-786-4449
Winery Website:

Pontin Del Roza is a small family winery located just outside of the town of Prosser Washington which has been producing crafted wines since 1984 and has an annual production of about 4000 cases.

The Pontin family has a history of more than 200 years of winemaking which includes the countries of Italy and France so its a no-brainer why its owner Scott Pontin, would continue that tradition.

Technical Data:
*  Alcohol: 13.2%
*  Residual Sugar: 1.7
*  Vineyard Source: Estate
*  Aged in 100% Stainless
*  MSRP: $10.50

Nose: Big-time green apple, bosc pears and hints of kiwi. I also get the scent of a Tonka toy truck which has been left outside in the rain for too long – sort of a slight rust smell.

Taste: Grannysmith apples soaked in pear juice with a hint of spice – touched slightly with Fabreeze. Nice long finish that lingers very refreshingly on the palate.

Overall Summary:
I really like this wine and for its price of $10, it’s a complete no-brainer if you want a fruity white wine that finishes very clean and has some excellent flavor components going on. The lack of oak really pays off big-time in this wine as all that insane fruit-flavors I crave can really shine through without being beat down like a red-headed stepchild from the oak.

There have been few white wines at this price which bring on the pleasure as this wine has done – you should really seek it out if you can. It may be a touch sweet for some folks, but I love the overall balance of sweetness and acidity it brings to the table. In fact, you could pour this stuff for me on a tire and I’d still hit it.

W.E.P. Score: 120%