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2006 Grandes Vinos Vinedos Besame Kiss Me

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I’m a huge sucker for great wine values so you’d have to be here to really grasp the look on my face after tasting this latest $10 gem of a bottle. All the way from Spain, comes the Grandes Vinos Besamse “Old Vine” Granacha which almost literally blew me away.

Granacha is a grape which, unfortunatley, doesn’t get as much play as it should in the USA – especially here in Washington State. I can tell you, however, that it is a grape everyone should pay more attention to and clearly one you need to seek out and try.

It’s said to be a strong grape which has a thin skin and has very little pigment – it does do well in extreme heat and is Spains most planted grape variety.

Our friends at American Northwest Distributors got a deal on this wine as an exclusive which means if you live outside of this state you may have a hard time finding it – I’m going to try and working something out with them, however, to make it widely available.

Technical Data:
Grape Variety: 100% Granacha
Aging Time: 9 months in French Oak
Vine Age: 80yrs old – planted in 1923
Price: $10

Nose: Shoe leather, black cherries and vanilla for days…skittles, blueberries with some edlerberry and babreeze…

Taste: Rose pedals, blueberries and serious cherries..leather belt action rounds out the finish.. long finish – easily one of the best $10 bottles i’ve ever had.

Overall Summary:
I really love this wine – I can’t recall the last time I had a wine anywhere near its pricepoint take me on the tasteful journy my tastebuds went on with this wine. I’m feelin’ it, loving it and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. It’s well structured, balanced and will do all sorts of favors to well-seasond and hearty foods – drink now through 2011.

-Duane Pemberton

W.E.P. Scale Rating: 150%

  • Alaina Walls

    I understand that the comments say it is difficult to find this wine, but is it impossible? I really enjoyed it while dining out and would wish to purchase it but my local retail wine stores, although they carry a very wide selection, do not carry this one.