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Morrison Lane 02′/03′ Syrah

We first met Dean Morrison back in March at this year’s Taste Walla Walla event in Seattle and had some good one-on-one time with him on camera. During that interview we got to know a bit about him and the winery in which he owns with his wife.

Dean likes making exceptional quality wines and is a big believer in not releasing them to the public until their good and ready to go – even if it means they can’t sell them as quickly as they may like.

It’s that slow and steady philosophy which has guided Dean in his approach to wine and life – an approach I found in these two bottles of Syrah.

2002 Syrah $29: W.E.P. Scale Rating: 100%
Nose: Jammy blackberry with white pepper on the finish with hints of blueberry. edlerberry, road-tar, bacon fat and fabreeze freshness.

Taste: Huge blackberry and pepper component going on – petrol, a huge finish with tons of fruit. This is a long-finishing fruit-bomb which does a good job of keeping the tannins in tact.

I’d easily recommend this wine to anyone who can appreciate the more new-world wine styles and wants to see how good a wine in this price-range can be. The 100% Walla Walla fruit does have some differing characteristics from its Columbia Valley brethren, however, it’s one I fully embrace and you should as well. This is a nobel effort on this wine and one that everyone should try.

2003 Syrah $29: W.E.P. Scale Rating: 90%
Nose: Caramel, blueberries, blackberries, tar tobacco with big-league chew

Taste: Lingering blackberries, black cherries, plums and black chocolate. This wine has a good finish
and remains solid while it transitions from the front to back of the palate. Its finish to me wasn’t quite as good as what I had on the 2002, however, it’d be my guess that if you kept it laid down for another year or so, that we’d see the tannins settle down a bit more and become softer.

While I didn’t like the 2003 quite as much as the 2002, it’s still a solid effor and is a wine I’d have no problems serving to mixed company or just drinking it on its own after a couple more years in the bottle. If you do pour it now, I’d highly suggest that you decant it for at least an hour or two before serving.

Both of these wines would be great with the following foods
– Grilled Jerk chicken
– Cumin-crusted Salmon
– Beef fajita’s
– Marinated Flank Steak
– Sauteed’ Wild Mushrooms
– Wild Game