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Saint Laurent 2004 Merlot

Named after the famous martyr, Staint Laurent is a relatively new winery on the Washington wine scene and has seemed to have done a good job of ramping up quickly when it comes to producting quality wines. He was the staint of the poor and in that tradition, Saint Laurent winery celebrates that tradition with good food and wine on August 8th.

Staint Laurent has an incredible story to its 80-acre vineyard which dates back to the mid 1800s – its originator had a passion for wine and even the original irrigation ditch is still in use today.

Its 2004 Merlot is priced around $18 and is aiming at hitting that $12-$20 sweet spot for wine sales as anything over the $20 mark is a tougher sell unless you have a mass cult-like following.

Color: Deep purple

Nose: Sweaty sock, some blueberry, leather glove, toasted nuts, tar, tobacco, blackberry, dark plums,

Taste: Black peppered, homemade strawberry jam mixed with dark chocolate, some asphalt and tobacco. It’s not as velvety as I’d hope for based on the nose and overall flavor profile but still does a decent job of lingering.

Finish: Pretty good, nice and medium-long….but a bit too hot for me.

Summary: There are other wines in this price category I think I’d rather spring the money for which do a better job of delivering a better finish and overall experience. This wine is clearly not a bad wine at all, however, just not my first pick given its price.