Fidelitas 2001 Meritage

Charlie Hoppes is without a doubt one of the State of Washington’s top winemakers. His passion for wine, love for people and know-how in the cellar room truely help him shine as one of the state’s prominent wine guru’s.

A few years ago, he started up his own winery called Fidelitas and has done a brilliant job of producing quality wines form that brand which generally do a good job of delivering the various aspects we love about wine at each of their respective price categories.


2000 was his first year of making wine at Fidelitas and at that time he introduced a flagship wine (later to become known as Optu) called “Meritage”. Staying faithful to Bordeaux, this bottle of wine containts fruit that is all based from that region.

Composition – 61% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc, 7% Malbec
Oak Aging – 24 months -50% French and American Oak
Alcohol –14.3%
Production – 660 cases
Release Date – March 1, 2004
Price – $35

Smells like: musty book with sweaty sock, celery stock, asparagus tip and pretty much the entire produce section from your local grocery store – tons of green here.

Tastes like: dark chocolate, black cherry, dr. pepper, black licorice. cedar chest.

Old-world wine fans would easily gravitate towards this wine – there are a TON of veggies going on with that good ol’ granny’s cedar chest up in the attic holding books printed over 50 years ago.

This wine is starting to show that it’s not quite capable of aging as gracefully as I had hoped for, but with that said, it’s an excellent offering which has rewarded my patience over the past few years of laying it down.

Foods I’d pair with:
Cedar plank salmon topped with a basil aioli
– Peppercorned New York Steak
– Fresh mixed green salad with marinated flank steak pieces

  • Darin

    This wine smells AMAZING. Made me want to stick my nose in a 200 year old leather-bound bible, which had been buried in a cedar chest, under 4 feet of compost. :)