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Traci’s Food Take on Taste WA 2008 and Intro

Traci here, I’m the new food contributor, collaborator and in-house self-proclaimed expert of good food, especially fresh Italian dishes. I’ll be writing about good and bad food experiences, sharing shopping and buying secrets. I’m also going to treat you to some of my recipes and encourage you to expand your food horizons. I’ll be your guide in helping you create fun eating experiences for your friends and family because that is what I live for! Buying, creating and sharing delicious food with great people.

Taste WA April 7th – the food?
My food experience at Taste Washington at Qwest Field Events Center in Seattle yesterday was a little disappointing – oh well. It didn’t completely dismay me as I did go for the wine and the people, but I honestly expected better food from some of those big names like El Gaucho and Waterfront Seafood Grill, which by the way, pared hugely overpowered garlic Prawns with Corn Grits! Unfortunately, there were more prawns in the garbage cans than empty plates. I did enjoy the Smoked Salmon Chowder from Cutter’s Bayhouse: slurped it up and washed it down with a nice Riesling from Dunham Cellars, who happened to be at the next table.

A few highlights:
I actually went for a second-helping of the Lemongrass Chicken Satay on a Crispy Wonton being served by The Triple Door and The Barking Frog had an interesting idea: Boar in a Pod with a little tangy sesame sauce. They were like little Boar corn dogs on a tooth pick – very clever! Predictably, Elliott’s Oyster House had beautiful fresh Oysters and a lovely Shell Fish Seuiche. A popular destination for all the wine enthusiasts.

I will close by saying that my ideal food to pair with so many wines at these events has to be cheese in all forms with some sort of cracker. One of the crowning jewels yesterday was for me to see Peterson Cheese from Auburn WA, as it’s always comforting to grab a lovely piece of their many cheese selections to clear your palate from all that wine tasting – Or be adventurous enough to sample some wonderful stinky cheese to really shake things up.
Ciao a Presto! – Traci

  • KSyrah

    I pretty much agree with all of your observations. It seems that every year the food is less and the wineries are more (in quality and quantity). I really expected way more from El Gaucho. I mean come on, we all know that you can do tenderloin. Show me something amazing, blow me away! There were a few unique experiences though. I also enjoyed the boar bon bons. Palace Kitchen offered up some Merlot Braised Goat that was outstanding. Tender and juicy with just a hint of gameyness. Also, the 0/8 Seafood Grill had a scallop sashimi with a soy/miso viniagrette that was melt in your mouth good.