Golden Kaan 2004 Pinotage

There’s no doubt some exciting things happening in South Africa – it’s a region which has definitely garnered worldwide attention as a great growing region. One of the interesting developments over the past few years has been the rising of a grape called Pinotage. This varietal is signature a grape to South Africa – it’s a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut.

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Golden Kaan is a South African producer which prides itself in producing Pinotage and has won numerous awards for some of its wine. It prides itself in hand-picking grapes grown in the western cape – an area known in those parts as being one of the best around.

For a quick overview of that country’s regions, here’s a handy map:

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I picked up this bottle at a local store as I’m always curious to try different regions and varietals. It was around $8-9, which is very approachable for most people’s budgets.

Very Pinot-esque in its color, medium to light-colored reds – if you think Pinot Noir color, you’re close to this one.

Here it goes – you take some pasture manure (or pete moss), have a horse pee on it, then pour bacon drippings on and finally smear it with peanut butter with roasted plums and that’s what you have going on with the nose in this glass.

Taste: A very awkward taste with abosolutely no good mid-palate or lingering flavors at all. This is a very “grocery-store” wine and in fact, I felt a bit insulted drinking it. It’s completely unfocused and disjointed in about every sense.

Overall Summary:
A major pass on this one – I’d avoid it like the plague and look to other wines in this price range to bring some winefoot-worthy action.

This is my opinion but you should try it if you get the chance and ultimately embrace your own palate.

W.E.P. Score – 10%