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Terra Blanca 2002 Syrah

Terra Blanca Winery, on Red Mountain, is one of the few wineries in the Washington State to have its own cave system for housing its barrels while the wine ages. They have a very cool compound there – tasting room, concert area, eating area etc. and a swanky view.

Its entry-level Syrah is widely available and seems to have good distribution. Unlike many other wineries, Terra Blanca does a great job of holding wine and not releasing it too soon – case in point here is this wine is a 2002 vintage and wasn’t released until last year. I found this at a local store for $14 bux.

Bring on the big black pepper, bell pepper and blueberry (presumably from the D21 and D20 yeast). Hints of banana peel, tobacco and some locker-room funk.

Tastes like someone took a plastic container full of blueberries and then proceeded to cover then in black pepper and spit in some chewed-up Big-league chew. After they ate the blueberries they proceeded to chill out with a big cigar, taking bites from their childhood baseball mitt between puffs.

Pretty solid across to the mid palate and lingers a bit nicely – not too long; however, good for the price.

Bottom line: This is a good bottle of Syrah for the money – far better to me than the C.R. Sandidge than I reviewed last week – especially for the money. Think of the “Cheap-date” back in high-school who was fun to take out, didn’t cost a lot of money but there was no long-term romance there.

Grilled burgers
Marinated flank steaks dipped in red curry paste
Cedar-plank salmon with a fire-roasted pepper saffron sauce.

This is my opinion on this wine and I highly encourage you to give it a try should you spot one in your favorite store – as always, embrace your own palate!

W.E.P. Scale Rating: 100%