2003 Saintpaulina Vintners Sauvignon Blanc

There was a time when I was telling people “life’s too short to drink white wine – when there’s so much red wine around”. To many wine drinkers, the thought of going back to whites sounds awfully newbish in the sense that most of us started out on whites before “graduating” to reds.

I’m well aware of the fact that all to many white wines don’t have the tannin structure we really enjoy with red wine, however, a properly made white can offer its own – somewhat unique – experience.

One recent white one which I acquired was from Saintpaulina Vintners, based out of Woodinville WA. They are a very small winery whose ambition and passion – like so many other wineries its size – lies in producing the best wines of each varietal they can.

Only 80 cases of this wine were made, so I highly doubt you’ll be able to find it at any store – Paul Shinoda – the winery’s owner and winemaker, did tell me they’re selling it for $8 bux a bottle. The wine isn’t listed on their website, however, be sure to ask Paul about getting some.

Alcohol: 13.2%
Oak: Neutral Oak

Color: Golden – light apple juice color

Hint of toasted Ivory soap, lemongrass, hay, green apple, lemon zest, nutmeg, honeycomb

Take some crisp green apples, roll them in a bit of straw hay, put a slightly toasted marshmallow on top and that’s what you have for a starting taste. Follow that up with a hint of flint stone, roasted cantaloupe, lemongrass, bosch pear and candied lemon drops – then you have the flavor of this wine.

Feels very “wet” in the truest sense of the word with a good viscosity on the front and mid palate. A decent finish in a very thirst-quenching sort of way.

This wine would easily tear-up some clam with lemongrass linguini in a mild yellow curry sauce. I’d have no problems pairing it with any sort of shellfish, sea bass, catfish or even pan-seared trout with a saffron sauce.

For only $8-bux, this is an incredible QPR wine that should highly be saught-out by those who think they don’t like white wines and those who want a good white wine experience. I’d hit this wine all day long.

Don’t take my word for it, however, as you really need to seek this wine out, coddle it, love it and ultimately embrace your own palate.

W.E.P. Scale Rating: 150%