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Welcome to WineFoot.com – where we are doing our part to help make wine fun again! Wine is all about bringing together the best elements in life – Family, friends, food and memories.

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– Always be truthful about a wine – We do not bow to “wine industry” pressure for good ratings. We call it like we see it, no matter what. No holds barred.

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Duane Pemberton
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About Duane Pemberton:

Duane was raised in a middle-income family in Renton WA where he grew up eating a steady diet of Banquet frozen chicken, canned vegetables and food from the local grocery deli. He occasionally had over-cooked steaks which always required the use of enough A1 steak sauce to mask the flavor. Looking back on it now, it was more like we had grilled A1 and not grilled steak.

In 1998, he started a site called Gamers Depot which had some successes in its own right and was a well-recognized brand within the PC hardware and video game industry. During his tenure at GD, he traveled quite a bit and got eat at lots of great restaurants. It wasn’t too long after that, he found the Food Network – between that and eating fine dining when traveling, got the “food bug” and started cooking at home.

Of course this meant that he would soon find the pure bliss of fine wines to go with the wonderful foods I was making. This newfound love and passion in his life has guided his desire to not only learn a lot about wine, but also to have worked briefly in the wine industry as a rep and meet some of the best folks in the wine business anywhere.

Passions: Simply living the “Wine Lifestyle”.

*Wine judge at 2011 “Blend” in Seattle
*Wine judge at 2011 Cabernet Classic in Seattle
*Wine judge at 2011 Rose Revival in Seattle
*Wine judge at 2012 Sexy Syrah in Seattle
*Wine judge at 2012 “Blend” in Seattle
*Wine judge at 2012 Cabernet Class in Seattle
*Worked the 2010 Crush at Pacific Rim Winery

What others are saying about WineFoot:

“Best of all, WineFoot.com is a blog that offers its readers the straight scoop. With WineFoot.com, you get the good, the bad and the ugly, sometimes in an unvarnished approach, all of which provides a refreshing and informative overview of Washington wine.”

-Thad Westhusing

“Duane has on numerous occasions shown himself to be a self-starting, highly creative and persistent resource of great wine writing, video production and social media ideas. His expertise and enthusiasm is contagious and his personality is charming. I think of him as a great industry resource. I hope he continues to enjoy working in the WA wine industry as it would be a shame to lose him if he decides to explore a different path along the many vast interests that germinate from his highly inquisitive mind.”

– Allen Shoup – former CEO of Chateau Ste. Michelle and Founder/CEO of Long Shadows Vintners

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